Restorative pruning training at Moelyci

On Saturday 9 May despite the exceedingly wet weather at Moelyci, near Bangor we all enjoyed Ian Sturrock’s session on Restorative Pruning.

The cosy barn at Moelyci was warm and decorated with flowers which sheltered us from the elements while Ian explained the theory of pruning – why, when and how you do it.  Before lunch the rain stopped and we went outside to look at the large fruit trees around the farm yard and in front of the farm house.  We had good discussions about the shapes and growth of the old trees, the disadvantages of ivy, holes, and dead wood for the fruit trees but the advantages for wildlife and character of the spaces.   Lunch was a delight of culinary new experiences for all of us, with wild garlic pesto in pastry swirls, beetroot & lentil soup, plus salad from the Moelyci market garden & hedgerow herbs with a Japanese knotweed crumble (similar to rhubarb).  The afternoon session we went to the fantastic Moelyci allotments and looked at examples of cordons and helped with some pruning on the fruit trees, then it was up to the top field for some serious work on the 10 year old trees up there.  The team of us managed to work through about two thirds of the trees, each one needing slightly different management.  It was a great day and we didn’t even get wet in the end.

Photos from the Restorative Pruning training day at Moelyci Environmental Centre on 9 May 2015.
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